About us

We provide Digital Solutions for The Language Industry

Lipuo is a Galway based company that provides online solutions for Language Schools and the industry in general.

Our Mission

In Lipuo we focus on serving our customers for life. Therefore our mission is to provide quality products requested and designed by our market and to provide a high-quality customer service experience.

Our Vision

Lipuo’s vision is to become a well-recognized service provider for the
language industry and to offer a portfolio of products and services to; consumers, enterprise and education.

Our Products

Serving the Language Industry


Lipuo provides a full range of easy to use tools to teach languages online; it enables Language Schools to deliver a comprehensive blended language teaching strategy, increasing student enrolment rate and period of retention while allowing Language Schools to have their own Online Language Courses Shop embedded into their website.


The Language Network is a dedicated online platform created to connect members of the language industry from around the world. The platform is designed to enable members to easily access communication tools, discover, and share the latest industry news and events and converse over similar professional challenges and opportunities. Innovation is key for our industry to survive and thrive. The Language Network is committed to constantly innovating and investing in our support network.

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